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A Study on Absenteeism & its Co-Relation with Job Satisfaction with Special Reference to IT Sector

Ms. Khushbu Dubey and Dr. Pooja Dasgupta

The dictionary definition of absenteeism is ‘the practice of regularly staying away from work or school without good reason’. Management is an array of different concepts which involves specialization and specification of issues as well as their solutions, especially related to that of an employee. Various theories have been put forth (namely Maslow’s hierarchy of needs, Herzberg’s theory, etc.) to understand the growing needs of motivation and retention. Despite this intensive research, most organizations face the problem of employees remaining absent from work, popularly known as absenteeism. This paper lays emphasis on the authenticity and genuine reasons of an employee to stay away from work. Hence, absenteeism is calculated on mathematical grounds as well as study based on questionnaire has been carried out in order to find out the reasons pertaining to increase in absenteeism in recent times. Research has been carried out on a leading pre-publishing service providing company in Indore. Pertaining to the privacy policy of the company, its name has been concealed and is referred to as ‘Y company’.