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A Study of Community Pharmacists’ Awareness and Contributions to Adverse Drug Reactions (ADRs) Reporting Systems in the Makkah, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA)

Naif N Al-Hazmi and Naylor IL

Introduction: Adverse Drug Reactions (ADRs) reporting is the cornerstone for any Pharmacovigilance system. The attitude and awareness towards ADRs reporting shows great variation among the health pharmacists and many factors influences the reporting of ADR. Aims and objective: To determine and evaluate awareness, knowledge and attitude of community pharmacists towards ADRs reported in the Makkah in Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA). Materials and method: The present cross-sectional study was conducted by taking face to face interviews of 170 community pharmacists in Makkah. A prescribed questioner was used to collect basic information, professional information and knowledge about ADR reporting system and constrains in reporting ADR. Results: It was observed that all the participants were male and were of 23-30 yrs of age group. 88% of pharmacists were not having internet facility at their work place. Only 18% participants were aware of the ADR system. 56% of the respondents were not aware of the existence of the Saudi National Pharmacovigilance centre (NPC). According to 65% respondents the Ministry of Health (MOH) was responsible receiving and interpreting ADR reporting, whereas 65% of respondents considered the reporting of ADRs to be integral to this professional role as a pharmacist. The main factors that discouraged ADR reporting were the lack of reporting forms being available, that it was time consuming, that they did not know how to report them and some commented on their indifference to the system. Conclusion: The Community pharmacists could play an important role in ensuring the use of safe medications in patients. To achieve this aim more knowledge about the importance of reporting ADRs through appropriate training courses should be encouraged.