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Journal of Chromatography & Separation Techniques
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A QSRR Study of Liquid Chromatography Retention Time of Pesticides using Linear and Nonlinear Chemometric Models

Saeid Khodadoust, Nezam Armand, Sadegh Masoudi and Mehdi Ghorbanzadeh

The quantitative structure–retention relationship (QSRR) was employed to predict the retention time (min) (RT) of pesticides using five molecular descriptors selected by genetic algorithm (GA) as a feature selection technique. Then the data set was randomly divided into training and prediction sets. The selected descriptors were used as inputs of multi-linear regression (MLR), multilayer perceptron neural network (MLP-NN) and generalized regression neural network (GR-NN) modeling techniques to build QSRR models. Both linear and nonlinear models show good predictive ability, of which the GR-NN model demonstrated a better performance than that of the MLR and MLP-NN models. The root mean square error of cross validation of the training and the prediction set for the GR-NN model was 1.245 and 2.210, and the correlation coefficients (R) were 0.975 and 0.937 respectively, while the square correlation coefficient of the cross validation (Q2 LOO) on the GR-NN model was 0.951, revealing the reliability of this model. The obtained results indicated that GR-NN could be used as predictive tools for prediction of RT (min) values for understudy pesticides.