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Journal of Clinical Trials
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A Prospective, Randomized, Multi-Center, Phase III Study Evaluating of Optimal Radiation Dose for Definitive Concurrent Chemoradiation for Inoperable Esophageal Carcinoma

Yujin Xu, Weiguo Zhu, Jiancheng Li, Zhongwen Sun, Xiao Zheng and Ming Chen

This prospective clinical trial summary provides the background and rationale for evaluating optimal radiation dose for definitive concurrent chemo-radiation for inoperable esophageal carcinoma. We designed the multi-center clinical trial comparing the efficacy of high dose group (60 Gy/30F) with low dose group (50 Gy/25F) concurrent with weekly chemotherapy using 3D-CRT or IMRT technology for esophageal carcinoma. The primary outcome is local/ regional progression-free survival, and secondary outcomes include Overall survival; local control rate; patterns of treatment failure; toxicity; radiation-related advent events.