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Vaccines and Trials

vaccine trial is a clinical trial that aims at establishing the safety and efficacy of a vaccine prior to it being licensed. A vaccine candidate drug is first identified through preclinical evaluations that could involve high throughput screening and selecting the proper antigen to invoke an immune response.

Clinical development is a three-phase process. During Phase I, small groups of people receive the trial vaccine. In Phase II, the clinical study is expanded and the vaccine is given to people who have characteristics (such as age and physical health) similar to those for whom the new vaccine is intended. In Phase III, the vaccine is given to thousands of people and tested for efficacy and safety. Many vaccines undergo Phase IV formal, ongoing studies after the vaccine is approved and licensed.

Call for Papers on the theme of: ''VACCINES AND TRAILS''

The journal incorporates original papers inside the assorted fields of clinical experimentation as well as medicine, pathologic process, immunology, immunopathology, microbiology, clinical problems involving joints, soft tissues, auto-immune diseases.

By submitting your work to this Special Issue, you will take advantage of this extraordinary opportunity to add your voice and your science to an area that recent events have brought to the forefront of interests of not only the scientific community but also policymakers, funders, and the public.


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