Enzyme Engineering

Enzyme Engineering
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Enzyme Engineering

Enzyme engineering is the application of modifying an enzymes structure.The development of last few years is the application of genetic engineering techniques to enzyme technology.There are number of properties which may be improved or altered by genetic engineering including the yield and kinetics of the enzyme.Enzymes from dangerous microorganisms and from slow growing or limited plant or animal tissue may be cloned into safe high production microorganisms.

Directed evolution is a common technique to engineer enzymes for a diverse set of applications. Structural information and an understanding of how proteins respond to mutation and recombination are being used to develop improved directed evolution strategies by increasing the probability that mutant sequences have the desired properties. Strategies that target mutagenesis to particular regions of a protein or use recombination to introduce large sequence changes can complement full-gene random mutagenesis and pave the way to achieving ever more ambitious enzyme engineering goals.

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