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Articles published in Enzyme Engineering have been cited by esteemed scholars and scientists all around the world. Enzyme Engineering has got h-index 16, which means every article in Enzyme Engineering has got 16 average citations.

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Year wise published articles

39 1 2 4 25

Year wise citations received

70 64 43 26 32
Journal total citations count 990
Journal impact factor 4.10
Journal 5 years impact factor 6.03
Journal cite score 6.82
Journal h-index 16
Journal h-index since 2018 12
Important citations (212)

Prevention of enzymatic browning by inhibiting polyphenol oxidase with some natural compounds and benzenethiol

Biochemical characterization of multifunctional endophytic fungi from bambusa oldhamii munro1

Feeding of tea looper larvae increases the response intensity of tea tree catechin metabolism

Atividade enzimática e conteúdo fenólico em batatas minimamente processadas influenciados pela aplicação de antioxidantes

Efeito dos campos magnéticos pulsados no congelamento de alimentos: aprimoramento da técnica e sua aplicação em mirtilo

Characterization of polyphenol oxidase from purple sweet potato (ipomoea batatas l. lam) and its affinity towards acylated anthocyanins and caffeoylquinic acid derivatives

Allergens in eggplant (solanum melongena l.)

Antioxidants enzyme activity in brassica oleracea var. acephala under cadmium stress

Metabolic and genetical features of biodegradation and resistance potential of soil pseudomonas sp. from the national culture collection of microorganisms, republic of armenia

Characteristics and differences of polyphenol oxidase, peroxidase activities and polyphenol content in different potato (solanum tuberosum) tubers

Characteristics of burger patties prepared with sorgum, taro and breadfruit flours

Comparative transcriptome analysis provides novel insights into the molecular mechanism of berberine biosynthesis in coptis chinensis

Biochemical characterization of multifunctional endophytic fungi from bambusa oldhamii munro

Using of group-based selected flavonoids as alternative inhibitors for potato polyphenol oxidase

Phenotypic characterization and synthesis of extracellular catecholase from a newly isolated bacterium pseudomonas sp. bsc-6

Atomically dispersed n-coordinated fe-fe dual-sites with enhanced enzyme-like activities

Toward more specific inhibitor for solanum tuberosum polyphenol oxidase through a structural insight into its activities and inhibition

Control of meloidogyne javanica and induction of resistance-associated enzymes in soybean by extracts of ascophyllum nodosum

Kinetic, spectroscopic, and molecular docking studies on the inhibition of membrane-bound polyphenol oxidase from granny smith apples (malus domestica borkh.)

Benzoate, gallate, and salicylate regulate redoxenzymes, ultrastructure, and accumulation of boron to counteract boron toxicity on tomato callus cells