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Journal of Pollution Effects & Control
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Zaharia Carmen

Zaharia Carmen

Zaharia Carmen
Associate Professor Faculty of Chemical Engineering and Environmental Protection, Departament of Environmental Engineering and Management
Gheorghe Asachi Technical University of Iasi


Zaharia Carmen is an Associate Professor of Faculty of Chemical Engineering and Environmental Protection from Gheorghe Asachi Technical University of Lasi.
► Education and Training: √ 1985-1990: Chemical engineer, Polytechnical Institute of Iaşi, Faculty of Industrial Chemistry; √ 1992-2000: Ph.D. research stage, „Gheorghe Asachi” Tehnical University of Iaşi (thesis title: „Optimization of some wastewaters treatment using polyelectrolytes”, scientific coordinator: Professor Matei Macoveanu, Ph.D., eng.); √ 1996: intensive international courses „Political Economy of the Environment Training of Trainers Workshop”, „POLITEHNICA” University of Bucureşti, UNESCO Chair – Environment Programme; √ 2000: Summer school „Energy conversion, conservation and environmental impact”, Black Sea University Network-Centre for Advanced Engineering Sciences, „Ovidius” University of ConstanÅ£a; √ 2002: research stage, GSF–Research Center for Health and Environment, Neuherberg – München, Germany; √ 2003: Mâitre du conference invitée, Laboratoire de Synthese Organique et Environment - MRED, Université du Littoral Cộte d’Opale, Dunkerque, France; √ 2004: research stage, Centre Commun en Messure, Université du Littoral, Dunkerque, France; √ 2005: intensive course „Mangement and environmental policies for sustainable production and consumption”, OAIMDD and International Institute for Industrial Environmental Economics, Lund, Sweden; √ 2008: intensive courses „Methods and techniques of environmental impact quantification” and „Environmental Audit”, TUIasi-Faculty of Chemical Engineering and Environmental Protection (FCEEP); √ 2009: intensive international course „Ecaterina Merica” Education Program in Cosmetics, TUIasi-FCEEP, International Federation of Societies of Cosmetic Chemists (IFSCC) and Romanian Society of Cosmetic Chemists (RSCC); √ 2009-2015: > more than 8 international workshops/courses in advanced analysis techniques and research-inovation √ Didactical positions: 1990-1993, preparator; 1993-2000, teaching assistant; 2000-2008, lecturer; 2008-present, associate professor; √ Invited Professor: 2003, Laboratoire de Synthèse Organique et Environnent, Dunkerque, FranÅ£a; 2004, Université du Littoral Cộte d’Opale, Centre Commun en Messure, Dunkerque, Franța; √ Sustained Disciplines: 1. Treatment Technologies of Waters and Wastewaters; 2. Technologies and Biotechnologies of Wastewaters Treatment; 3. Environmental Chemistry; 4. Energy and the Environment; 5. Environmental Legislation; 6. Optimization of chemical processes; 7. Analytical Chemistry; 8. Environmental Management.
► Known foreign languages: √ English; √ French
► Scientific and research activity: √ Unique, first author and coauthor at 33 scientific papers published-accepted for publication in international journals included ISI with impact factor (26) (Applied Catalysis B: Environmental, Environmental Science and Pollution Research, Central European Journal of Chemistry, Journal of the Serbian Chemical Society, Hungarian Journal of Industrial Chemistry, Environmental Engineering and Management Journal, Journal of Environmental Protection and Ecology, Industria Textilă, Roumanian Biotechnology Letter, International Journal of Materials and Product Technology);√ Unique, first author and coautor at 54 scientific papers published in proceedings of international and national conferences, from which: 11 published in ISI Proceedings (MTC, ICEEM, Mod Tech-New Face of TMCR, CMQF, ITC&DC, UICEE), 19 published in abroad international proceedings, 19 in proceedings of international conferences from inside country, 5 in proceedings of national conferences; √ Author and coauthor at 60 articles in recognized national journals; √ Unique author and coauthor at 17 books, laboratory manuals, problems collections and 3 chapters of abroad scientific books, 12 chapters (in English) in national recognized books; √ Coauthor at to 2 invention patent orders; √ Director of contract/project at 11 national contracts (with economic agents), member at 3 contracts/ international grants (WTZ-Germany, USAID-USA or YSL-Fr) and 31 national contracts /grants (6-MEC, CNCSIS, PNII, 25-with economic agents/industry); √ Scientific referent/reviewer at 2 speciality books; √ Scientific reviewer of Ecozone Publishing House, A2-Chemistry; √ Reviewer of more than 100 scientific papers published in ISI/international indexed journals; √ Participant at international conferences/congresses: > more than 20 in EU countries (Spain, Germany, Hungary, Bulgary, Serbia, Croatia), Republic of Moldova, Cyprus-Turky, etc. √ Fields of scientific interest: 1. Wastewater treatment (unitary/single processes and treatment technologies); 2. Water treatment (water treatment technologies for drinking or industrial uses); 3. Environment Depollution; 4. Environmental Chemistry (Air, water resources, soil); 5. Evaluation of environmental impact (environmental impact and risk); 6. Energy and the environment; 7. Pollution control; 8. Environmental management Editor or Member in the editorial boards / scientific commitees: √ Editor: scientific books (Current topics, researches and priorities in environmental chemistry, ‚Al.I. Cuza’ University Press, Iasi, Romania), vol. I (2012), vol. II (2013), vol. III (2014), vol. IV (2015); member of editorial board of American Journal of Environmental Protection

Research Interest

Water Quality, Environmental Analysis, Environmental Engineering, Environmental Resources Management, Renewable Energy and Environment Protection, Environmental Chemistry, Environmental Assessment, Environmental Quality, Water and Wastewater Treatment, Soil Quality, Solid Waste Management, Environmental Monitoring, Environmental Modeling, Environmental Impact Assessment, Wastewater, Waste, Wastewater Treatment, Water Resources, Atmosphere, Atmospheric Chemistry, Heavy Metals, Environmental Applications, Environment, Water Analysis, Environmental Pollution, Water Treatment, Soil Chemistry