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Xinhua Ji

Xinhua Ji
Xinhua Ji The University of Oklahoma National Institutes of Health USA
The University of Oklahoma


Dr. Xinhua Ji earned his Ph.D. degree at the University of Oklahoma (1985-1990) and performed postdoctoral research at the University of Maryland (1991-1994), where he became a Research Assistant Professor before joining the National Cancer Institute (NCI), National Institutes of Health (NIH). At the NCI-Frederick National Laboratory for Cancer Research, Dr. Ji established his lab in the ABL-Basic Research Program in 1995 as a Group Leader, moved to the NCI-Center for Cancer Research as a Section Chief in 1999, and in 2001 gained tenure as an NIH Senior Investigator.Currently serving as editorial and reviewer for Enzyme Engineering.

Research Interest

His research areas include is focused on the structural biology of gene expression control, with an emphasis on RNA-processing proteins and RNA polymerase-associated transcription factors, and structure-based development of therapeutic agents.