Enzyme Engineering

Enzyme Engineering
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Farhad Karbassi

Farhad Karbassi
Farhad Karbassi Polypeptide Laboratory McGill University Canada
McGill University


Farhad Karbassi received his PhD in Biophysics from University of Tehran. During his PhD program, he was granted to work on a part of his research at National Research Council of Canada / Biotechnology Research Institute (NRC/BRI). He then moved to Canada to work as a postdoctoral fellow. Currently he holds a research associate position at McGill University. Beside protein engineering, expression, purification and characterization, as well as protein-protein interaction and aggregation studies, Dr. Karbassi has been involved in enzymology. His main interests are enzyme inhibition, stabilization and suicide inactivation. He has extracted different enzymes from various organisms such as bacteria, mushroom, C. elegans, and human; and studied their functions.Currently serving as editorial and reviewer for Enzyme Engineering.

Research Interest

Enzyme assays for alpha-amylase, tyrosinase, superoxide dismutase, enolase (bacterial and mammalian), hexokinase, lactate dehydrogenase; Ligand binding studies on alpha-amylase; Transformation, expression and purification of recombinant protein domains, seven types of superoxide dismutase mutants and two types of octameric enolase; Finding optimum conditions for protein purification; Enzyme inhibition and Suicide inactivation studies.