Journal of Pollution Effects & Control

Journal of Pollution Effects & Control
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Bao-Jie He

Bao-Jie He
School of Environment and Architecture 516 Jungong Road, Yangpu District, Shanghai
University of Shanghai for Science and Technology


Bao-Jie He, as an expert, is conducting research work in both architectural design and structural engineering. With regard to architectural design, he has possessed a full understanding of green building, including indoor air quality, wind environment, indoor thermal environment, renewable energy as well as energy policies. Meanwhile, he has explored some advanced methods, including digital technology, numerical simulation to enhance architectural design and urban planning. More importantly, he has introduced the concept of social problems in green buildings, some items such as humanistic needs, rebound effects and social acceptance are all introduced in this field, and all these methods pay more attention to the real effects among dwellers and residents. In the field of structural engineering, he has researched steel-concrete composite material, especially the size effects and ductility of concrete-filled steel stub tubular columns. In addition, wind pressure against on building surface is also researched.

Research Interest

Building Energy-saving; Building Performance; Architectural Science; Built Environment