Using a connected glucometer and a telemedicine application to improve gestational diabetes management: A qualitative research study
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Using a connected glucometer and a telemedicine application to improve gestational diabetes management: A qualitative research study

International Conference on Clinical Psychology & Nursing

October 18-20, 2018 | Amsterdam, Netherlands

Carine Khalil

Paris Descartes University, France

Scientific Tracks Abstracts: J Psychol Psychother

Abstract :

Many perinatal and postpartum complications are associated with gestational diabetes. Women with gestational diabetes require regular follow-ups and overall management in order to normalize maternal blood glucose and improve pregnancy outcomes. However, regular follow-ups can be a real burden for pregnant women. In this respect, telemedicine can help them control their glucose levels and improve their quality of life. However, research studies on how women with GDM perceive virtual follow-ups are still modest. This qualitative research study aims to understand how patients and health providers perceive the outcomes of using a telemedicine application like myDiabby that is connected by Bluetooth to a glucometer device and Contour Next One. Twenty semi-structured interviews were conducted with health providers (nurses, diabetes specialists, gynecologists and nutritionists) working in 13 different diabetes services using myDiabby. In addition, 16 semi-structured interviews were conducted with patients that have been monitored and followed up with myDiabby and Contour Next One. From healthcare providers‚?? perspectives, telemedicine enabled regular follow-ups and improved therapeutic decision-making. It also helped them optimize their work and performance. From patients‚?? perspectives, the uses of myDiabby and Contour Next One increased their satisfaction regarding their providers‚?? reactivity. In addition, they wasted less time commuting and waiting for appointments. Furthermore, patient‚??s state of feeling become safer and more secured with virtual follow-ups. According to our interviewees, the use of a glucometer and a telemedicine application decreases the stress related to gestational diabetes management. It has also improved their autonomy in self-managing their health. According to patients and healthcare professionals, the use of telemedicine seems to bring them closer and improve communication between them. However, telemedicine activities are still not recognized in France although the reported benefits. Our interviewees consider this as a real constraint. For instance, nurses have to integrate telemedicine activities in their planning without being valued and paid accordingly.

Biography :

Carine Khalil is a Health Services Research Scientist at Cedars-Sinai-CORE and an Associate Professor and Researcher at Paris Descartes University. She holds a PhD in Management and Information Systems from Telecom ParisTech. Her research interests are in innovation management, design thinking and digital health. In her research works, she is interested in understanding how users make sense of, interpret, adopt and implement innovations in specific context settings. Through her research efforts, she has gained expertise in many information system theories and has used them as different lenses to understand the adoption, use and implementation of innovations.

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