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Unusual presentation of an inconspicuous Schizophrenia with Burn Injury after 20 years of illness: A Case Report

3rd International Conference on Psychiatry & Psychosomatic Medicine

December 05-06, 2016 Dubai, UAE

Vinay Kumar

Navodaya Medical College, Hospital and Research Centre, India

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Abstract :

Schizophrenia is often detected accidentally with other physical disorder in medical setting. It is often a cause for physical problem due to low sensitivity to the pain that has important implications for physical health. In this case report we have highlighted that how schizophrenia was accidentally detected in a burn patient after 20 years of illness. This case illustrates interesting aspect of schizophrenia. Firstly, the context in which it was first detected. Neither family members could detect for 20 years nor could treating surgeon identify the illness as he did not report spontaneously. Usually the mental disorders are not recognised by non-mental health professional until severe behavioural disturbance is evident and majority of them would not report to physician. It is unusual that harbouring hallucination for such a long period did not manifest in his behaviour and socio-occupational function was intact. Secondly, the command hallucination is common in Asian patient and often contains aggression, dependency, and self-punishment themes and compliance to these voices depends upon associated belief, familiarity and emotional involvement. Thirdly, there is diminished sensitivity to pain (both behavioural pain reactivity and self-reported responses to pain) in schizophrenia. Explanation offered was that it is related more to a different mode of pain expression than to a real endogenous analgesia. Finally, it emphasises the need of routine screening for co morbidity of mental illness among burn patients as prevalence is more than general population.

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