Unilateral ossifying fibroma independent of dental area in mandib | 60826
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Unilateral ossifying fibroma independent of dental area in mandible

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August 23, 2022 | Webinar

Yeganeh Arian

Bahonar Farhangian Hospital, Iran

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Abstract :

Introduction: Fibrosis lesions include a group of conditions of different origin and etiology. In which bone is replaced by connective towel. These lesions include stringy dysplasia, fibroid ossification, cementoceus dysplasia, and cementoma. Fibroma ossification is a benign, effortless, high- expansion lump that originates in nearly all cases of the periodontal ligament and can be radiolucent, radiopaque, or mixed depending on the degree of maturity. Treatment plan will vary from conservative to radical depending on the extent of the lesion. Case presentation: The case is a 41 time old woman without an beginning complaint who has been passing effortless swelling with mild paraesthesia of 3 * 3 confines with bony thickness in the mandibular border for the once 8 months. After radiographic examination and medication of OPG, CBCT and aspiration and incisional vivisection, fibrose ossification lesion was diagnosed. The lesion passed segmental resection partial. And a number of reconstruction plates were used to rebuild the border. Conclusion: Although of is known as a benign lump of dental origin, what was set up in this case was a fully unconnected lesion under the mandibular border, which, although benign, was due to its rapid-fire growth and the extent of its restorative treatment.

Biography :

Yeganeh Arian was born and raised in Mashhad, Iran. She is third year of residency of oromaxillofacial surgery in Kerman, Iran, Bahonar hospital. She wrote the papers about stem cell therapy, robotic surgery and aspergillous infection in maxilla, case report.