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Journal of Physical Chemistry & Biophysics
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Thought forms image analysis and their applications

4th International Conference on Physics

September 17-18, 2018 | Berlin, Germany

Rai Sachindra Prasad

DSITM - Mahamaya Technical University, India

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Abstract :

A revolutionary field in biophotonics has opened a vast space for applications expected to bring a paradigm shift in several areas of social life. This is due to universal acceptance of a biofield inseparably attached to the physical body, and secondly, because of rapid advances made in the imaging techniques of biophotons. In addition, scientific experiments have shown that thoughts have definite and instant impact on biofield. Nearly hundred years ago, Theosophical Society published several thought forms images of several persons in real incidents with comments of �??good or bad or both good and bad�?? with regard to the nature and behavior using the power of clairvoyance. Three basic parameters of color, shape, and outline of the images were jointly taken into consideration for these comments. The theosophists also emphasized (without scientific proof) that human beings have a biofield. Another similarity with biophysicists is the presence of spectrum of colors in the biofield. These similarities provided the necessary motivation to the authors for research in this area, with a view to test the truth of the comments on imaging platform, and exploring applications in social, medical and security environment. Recently, we reported six papers to recognize the patterns in thought forms images copied from Theosophical Society literature in the absence of real time images of biophotons�?? cloud. Results prove that the comments on images were true in more than 90% of the images tested. For patterns recognition we relied upon the HSV, L*a*b* color spaces, and Radon transform with histograms.

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