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Theory and practice of tranquil abiding meditation in Tibet: the pith instructions of Yeshe Gyaltsen (1713-1793) and his predecessors

10th Annual Congress on Mental Health

March 09, 2023 | Webinar

Lobsang Tshultrim Gnon-na

Kyoto University, Japan

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Abstract :

Tranquil Abiding is an advanced meditative state of mind that is attained through gradual meditative training focusing on the cultivation of mindfulness and metaawareness. This published paper is focused on the eighteenth-century Tibetan scholar Yeshe Gyaltsen’s manual on Tranquil Abiding. It involves introduction and analysis of the themes of Tranquil Abiding, such as the significance and objects of Tranquil Abiding, its relevance to Special Insight, mental hindrances, and factors which counter them. Illustrated will be how Yeshe Gyaltsen’s point of view, which he calls the Ganden tradition, is influenced by exceptional Indian Mahayana masters such as Nagarjuna, Asanga, Shantideva, Kamalashila, Atisha Dipamkarasrijana, and Tsongkhapa. In addition to this paper presentation as background, correlation of mindful-awareness, ethics, and emotions in the domain of three types of knowledge will be presented from the perspective of Indo- Tibetan Contemplative studies. Keywords: Tranquil Abiding; Special Insight; mindfulness; meta-awareness; luminous nature of mind; focal object; discursive thought; three types of knowledge, ethics, and emotions

Biography :

Lobsang Tshultrim Gnon-na was trained as a Tibetan monk and scholar in Indo-Tibetan philosophy and psychology over 25 years and has received Ph.D. in classical Buddhist studies in Ganden monastic university in South India. He is currently a doctoral fellow at Kyoto University and finishing his Ph.D. in the modern interdisciplinary studies in education and contemplative studies. He has passion in improving the mental health and wellbeing through intervention program and teaching traditional wisdom and its practice that are applicable to contemporary world.