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Immunome Research

Immunome Research
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The Trianni Mouse: The next generation transgenic platform for the isolation of fully human monoclonal antibodies

2nd International Conference on Antibodies and Therapeutics

July 11-12, 2016 Philadelphia, USA

David Meininger


Keynote: Immunome Res

Abstract :

Trianni offers a fully humanized monoclonal antibody platform. The Trianni��?s technology is distinguished by key advantages of ease of use, comprehensive antibody diversity and in vivo selection. Founded in 2010, The Trianni Mouse is an antibody discovery platform with several distinctive and highly attractive features. Chief among these is the fact that it expresses a full repertoire of variable domains for human antibody heavy and light chains. In generating its platform, Trianni employed a unique combination of in silico gene design, DNA synthesis and targeted genomic mutagenesis to modify all three mouse antibody chain loci (heavy, kappa and lambda). The new gene segments embedded in these loci have a novel proprietary optimized structure involving human coding sequences (of V, D and J) and mouse regulatory sequences (promoters, enhancers, introns, recombination signal sequences). This feature distinguishes the Trianni Mouse from all other similar platforms now available. The platform has been extensively validated both internally and externally (adopted by several major pharma companies) and has proven itself as a powerful resource for the isolation of high quality therapeutic monoclonal antibodies, i.e., effective in terms of hybridoma frequency, antibody titers, affinities and biological effector function. Trianni continues to enhance and expand the platform, generating mice that respond to evolutionary conserved sequences; respond to antigens with nonimmunoglobulin scaffolds and produce bispecific antibodies.

Biography :

David Meininger is currently the Senior Vice President, Corporate Development with OncoSec Medical after serving as Executive Director, Business Development & Licensing with Merck where he had global responsibility for biologics technologies as a member of the West Coast Innovation Hub. He previously managed biologic lead generation at Merck where his team progressed several immuno-oncology and other programs to clinical development. He also contributed as a core team member on multiple programs from discovery through the clinic at Amgen after completing his postdoc in Protein Engineering at Genentech. He received his PhD from UCSD and MBA from The University of Washington.