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The Temporal Endoscopic Facelift (TEF) - The face-lift without face-scar

4th International Conference and Expo on Cosmetology & Trichology

June 22-24, 2015 Philadelphia, USA

Thomas Haffner

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Abstract :

The old cervico-facial facelift is the most established and most effective proven procedure for the rejuvenation of the face. The first documented face-lift occurred apparently at the beginning of the 20th century, which is performed more or less modified even today with visible facial scars. To avoid scars, to promote a quick healing process and social ability the author developed the endoscopic modification of the cervicofacial facelift without any facial scar. Stigmas by facelift, a visible scar, an operated appearance and the complications are those main reasons for patient´┐Ż??s fear. . With the new Temporal Endoscopic Facelift (TEF) a scar sparing and effective method was developed, which is presented here for the first time. The scare sparing TEF is possible by using endoscope for the preparation of working cavities in the temple, in the lateral face and in the middle face compartments. All this compartments will be connected with each other and by this way a common large facial flap is constructed. The large common flap of the lateral face and mid face are repositioned and anchored onto the malar bone with endoscopic suture technique under video endoscopic visualization. The single layer approach resembles to the well known MACS lift by P.Tonnard, however without a visible pre-trichal scar: the scar of the TEF is hidden in the hair bearing skin. The skin excess after the TEF lift originates also of the hair bearing temple skin and amounts as a rule to 1.2 -2.0 cm. The procedure can be carried out also as an endoscopic dual plane facelift, combining the TEF with a sub periosteal mid facelift from Oscar Ramirez. The results of the TEF are amazing: each patient, which would like to have no visible scars, chooses the scar free TEF instead of a MACS Lift. Older patients with a lot of excess skin of the jaw and neck however are best suitable for conventionally lower face lift. The author suggests the scar sparing Temporal Endoscopic Facelift (TEF) therefore particular for younger patients whose main problem is the mid face, where the first signs of aging always occurs, who has only beginning and limited jawling and cervical relaxation. Because facelift operations are wished more and more by younger patients, the new scar-saving method can become the mostly asked kind of facial lift in the future.

Biography :

Thomas Haffner concluded his medicine study and his doctorate in Budapest, Hungary in 1979 and became a specialized general surgeon in 1983. Since 2000 he opened his own outpatient private clinic for aesthetic-plastic surgery in Cologne, Germany. He has specialized in the cosmetic surgery of the face and the breast and of the intimate surgery. He owns the Hungarian and German specialist´┐Ż??s recognition of the surgery and vascular surgery. He passed the European examination cosmetic surgery and he is a board certified cosmetic surgeon of the International Board of Cosmetic Surgery in Cambridge, UK.