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The rise of artificial intelligence robot

5th International Congress on Physics

August 10, 2022 | Webinar

Kelvin ogba dafiaghor

Ogba Educational Clinic, Nigeria

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Abstract :

As humanity advances towards the age of limitless possibilities, researchers, government agencies and private companies are making efforts towards the advancement of Artificial Intelligence. As intelligent machines begin their march on labor and become more sophisticated and specialized. Robots are automated machines programmed to perform specific tasks with little or no human intervention and until recently robots were not artificially intelligent. However, with the coming AI, robots are now programmed to multi-task thereby making them more intelligent. Artificial intelligent robots are the bridge between robotics and AI. The robots haven’t just landed in the workplace—they’re expanding skills, moving up the corporate ladder, showing awesome productivity and retention rates, and increasingly shoving aside their human counterparts. One multi-tasker bot, from Momentum Machines, can make (and flip) a gourmet hamburger in 10 seconds and could soon replace an entire McDonalds crew. A manufacturing device from Universal Robots doesn’t just solder, paint, screw, glue, and grasp—it builds new parts for itself on the fly when they wear out or bust.

Biography :

Hence the author of this article gives an overview insight into a future of limitless possibilities championed by AI Robots. The author of this article Kelvin Oigba Dafiaghor has a degree in chemical engineering and an MBA in leadership and management from the Accra Business School, Accra, Ghana. He is the founder of Ogba Educational Clinic, a dynamic organization solving the Educational needs of young Africans and Artificial Intelligence Hub. Kelvin has been to Morocco, Ethiopia, Ghana, United Arab Emirates, and many African countries, advancing the frontiers of Artificial Intelligence. Kelvin is a Mentor at Digital peace and an Ex mentor at the Global Stem Alliance, a professional member of The New York Academy of Sciences, a member of Africa and a top fan World Economic Forum.