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The relationship among self-esteem, depression and body-image in individuals with gender identity disorder, male-to-female type

International Conference on Clinical Psychology & Nursing

October 18-20, 2018 | Amsterdam, Netherlands

Amineh Kakaei

Iran University of Medical Science, Iran

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Abstract :

Purpose: The aim of the study was to investigate relationship among depression, self- esteem, and body image in individuals with gender identity disorder, male to female type. Method: Thirty one transsexual men referred to Tehran Psychiatric Institution for receiving therapy and surgery certification that were selected and asked to complete questionnaires including ASI (Appearance Schema Inventory), MBSRQ (Multidimensional Body-self Relations Questionnaire), Coopersmith Self-Esteem scale and Beck Depression Inventory-II. Results: First, after analyzing the data in this group, significant correlations were found between self-esteem and depression, selfesteem and both aspects of body image and finally among depression and two sides of body image (p<0.000). In stepwise regression, the self-esteem of participants was related to body images and partially could predict its changes. Depression associated with the scores of ASI but the MBSRQ's could be anticipated based on self-esteem. Conclusion: Although in the aforementioned group, significant correlations were displayed, the anticipatory role of self-esteem in body image only displayed its role in MBSRQ's inventory and not in ASI; hence, it could predict some aspects of body-images changes. On the other hand, there was a significant correlation between depression and body image, but it could not predict any of body image aspects. As a result, depression variable was excluded from the anticipatory model.

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