The nature and prevalence of psychiatric disorders in a Sudanese juvenile correctional facility
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The nature and prevalence of psychiatric disorders in a Sudanese juvenile correctional facility

3rd International Conference on Psychiatry & Psychosomatic Medicine

December 05-06, 2016 Dubai, UAE

Ayaa Siddig Abdelrahman Ali

University of Khartoum, Sudan

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Abstract :

Background: High morbidity of mental disorders among juvenile offenders has been confirmed by several studies, thus challenging both the juvenile justice system and the mental health system. Data from developed countries may not reflect the situation in lowincome countries and therefore cannot form a basis for intervention. No similar study has been done in Sudan. Objective: To determine the prevalence of psychiatric disorders among incarcerated youth in Al-Juref juvenile correctional facility. Method: All juveniles (forty eight) were studied utilizing a descriptive cross-sectional study design. Data was collected by the principal investigator using a socio-demographic questionnaire and the MINI-KID 6.0. Data was analyzed using the Statistical Package of social sciences program v.20. Results: Most respondents were males (46) with a mean age of fifteen (?±1.6 years SD). Most were living with both parents (75%) and were school dropouts (41.7%). The majority were arrested for theft (33.3%) and rape (29.2%). Prevalence of psychiatric disorders was high (60.4%) with conduct disorder (CD) being the most common (47.9%), followed by anxiety disorders (31.1%) and major depressive disorder (14.6%). Comorbid psychiatric disorders rate was high (31%). Even after subtracting CD, prevalence was still common (39%). Conclusion & Recommendations: New information can help mental health providers and policy makers in the juvenile justice system make effective interventions in provision of mental health services. I recommend clinical assessment for juveniles when they appear at court and training of workers in the justice system on how to detect features of psychopathology.

Biography :

Ayaa Siddig Abdelrahman Ali is a Medical graduate and has graduated in 2016 with the Bagdadi prize for best overall academic performance and Lord Kitchener’s prize for best academic performance in the sixth year of medical school along with other academic prizes.

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