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The integration of 3D software and fine art

2nd Global Summit and Expo Multimedia & Applications

August 15-16, 2016 London, UK

Lauren Carr

Montclair State University, USA

Posters & Accepted Abstracts: J Inform Tech Softw Eng

Abstract :

With fourteen years of professional experience in feature animation, I am motivated to use industry-standard 3D software to produce experimental animation derived from a traditional hand drawn sketch. My work is a collaboration utilizing three art forms��?fine art, animation and poetry, for the purposes of investigating and applying a new technique in 3D software, resulting in a non-traditional 3D animated style. The animated shorts I create, features myself as animator and director; an MSU art student and world-renowned poet Frank Messina. The concept I am pursuing introduces 3D software to fine artists as a means to recapitulate their craft. My goal is to convey an uncommon aesthetic tone for 3D animation and develop new forms of study for fine art students. Most animation students try to recreate the standard "Pixar" style��?often times with poor results, and in my estimation, places an unfortunate barrier between fine art and technical art. However, this modified approach lends itself to new perspectives for animation students as they continue to develop.

Biography :

Lauren Carr received her MFA in 3D Animation from Pratt Institute. After graduating, she joined production at DreamWorks in the Crowd Simulation department on "Spirit". She then went to work at Sony Image works on the Oscar winning "ChubbChubbs" in animation support and character rigging. She then went to Kodak's Cinesite in Hollywood as a character rigger on "XMen 2", followed by seven years at Disney Feature Animation as a Character Technical Director on "Chicken Little", "Meet the Robinsons", "American Dog"/"Bolt", "Christmas Carol" and "Tangled". In 2010, she moved to the east coast to work at Fox's Blue Sky Studios as a character cloth simulation technical director on "Rio", "Ice Age", "Epic" and "Rio 2". While she worked at Blue Sky she also taught 3D character modeling and rigging, using Maya, in the BFA Computer Art Department at SVA. She is currently an Assistant Professor in the Animation/Illustration department at Montclair State University. Teaching has always been her passion and is focused on offering students, at a state university, the same opportunities students at private art schools have, enabling her students to learn and work in the growing 3D animation and visual effects industry.