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The hostile environment of my country, the attitude and obnoxious behavior of the population and the plight of vulnerable group

8th World Congress on Virology

November 28-30, 2016 San Antonio, USA

Lancine Dosso

New African Craft, Ivory Coast

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Abstract :

Ivory Coast is one of the African countries where culture and religion condemn same-sex relationships, from which all the general population inflicts great discrimination to them. Sexuality is a taboo subject that is not openly discussed even in the Ivorian family but recently we talk in some schools at some level of study and the issue of homosexuality is even more taboo. Under these conditions, no activity or study has ever been conducted yet in this category of the population that we highly vulnerable to HIV/ AIDS and STIs. What is surprising is that even the government has not enacted a law that condemns homosexual relations while in the National Strategic Plan (NSP) to fight against AIDS homosexuals are considered one of the most vulnerable groups to HIV/AIDS and the President of the Republic has itself signed. Identity organizations made for and by LGBT people defied the hostile climate and maintained, somehow, its prevention and management activities not load homosexuals despite the increasing invisibility of this community and because of the many homosexual homophobia prostitute themselves to survive because most of them were dismissed from their families, schools, work, orphanages, churches and or are orphans. Driven by the places where people who were supposed to protect them, perhaps for fear of overriding the law or outright ignore the vulnerability of homosexuals and the importance to include them in their programs. Rejected elsewhere, some feel alone in the world, commit suicide, others are getting into drugs and crime, killing to satisfy their needs.

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