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Journal of Clinical and Cellular Immunology
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Staged combined therapy of poor healing lower leg wounds due to chronic venous insufficiency

6th International Conference and Expo on Immunology

October 24-26, 2016 Chicago, USA

Hana Zelenkova

DOST Svidnik, Slovakia

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Abstract :

Poor healing wounds of varying aetiology and localization have been the centre of attention among specialists due to the constantly growing number of patients suffering from this problem. The therapy must be based on the stage of healing of the wound; however, according to the TIME model it is necessary to prepare the bottom of the poor healing wound considering biofilm, infection and other circumstances. Systemic application of antibiotics has shown no effect in most cases and what has been gaining attention lately are topical antibacterial preparations including iodine, silver, enzymes, etc. Staphylococci appear in the bottom of the defect quite often and complicate the healing process, not to mention MRSA in quite many cases. The presentation includes the results we have obtained in successfully eliminating Staphylococci including MRSA using Staphylococcus phage lysate developed for topical use only. Its role is to disrupt Staphylococcus cells in the place of infection. After the infection is eliminated, the second stage of healing sets on and common conventional preparations are used. This method significantly shortens the time of healing. The presented results have been obtained in a group of 69 patients with venous ulcerations on lower extremities. Attention should be paid to the great effect of the said Staphylococcus phage lysate and successful elimination of MRSA in 9 patients.

Biography :

Hana Zelenkova has been active in Dermatovenerology since 1973. Since 2000 she has been directing her own Private Clinic of Dermatovenereology. She has given more than 650 expert lectures in Slovak Republic as well as abroad and has 420 scientific publications to her credit. She is the Founder and President of the Slovak Society for Aesthetic and Cosmetic Dermatology President of the traditional international DERMAPARTY congress.