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St Augustine and Theodicy in the face of HIV/AIDS in Africa- A Practical theology analysis

2nd International Conference on Retroviruses and Novel Drugs

June 30-July 01, 2016 Cape Town, South Africa

Joachim Kwaramba

Christian Theology Lecture, University of Zimbabwe, Zimbabwe

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Abstract :

God has been viewed to have made and created all things; including HIV/AIDS. Church fathers have had battle in trying to explicate the biblical manuscripts in light of the pandemic. They try to vindicate God in the face of evil in the world. But, in this era of HIV/AIDS in Africa, do their teachings still hold? This paper selects St Augustine, one of the early and celebrated church father, (who lived between 354-430) in a bid to explore the relevance of his teachings to the prevalent pandemic. Augustine argues to put grace of God as priority for freedom from sin but some refuse or move away from grace hence they become victims of sin, and in this paper��?s focus, victims of HIV/AIDS. Augustine��?s concept of theodicy (problem of evil) seems to demonize God. This paper provides some theological and social insights on the problem of HIV/AIDS as an evil affecting Africans. It provides the proof of the irrelevance of Augustine��?s theory in light of HIV/AIDS in Africa. A survey of some biblical scriptures will help provide a theological position relevant to the 21st century scholar. The paper will exonerate God from the pandemic and loss of human life but place responsibility to humanity.

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