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SPUTNIX CubeSat kit based on Raspberry-Pi

3rd International Conference and Exhibition on Satellite & Space Missions

May 11-13, 2017 Barcelona, Spain

Zaynulla Zhumaev, Zharenov I S, Vlaskin A L, Sivkov A S, Purikov A V, Zharkih R N, Andreenkov D V and Kozelskiy M S

Sputnik OOO, Russia

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Abstract :

CubeSat standard was created to democratize access to space for students. Nevertheless, development of CubeSat mission is still challenging today. Typical CubeSat components are quite expensive even for top-level universities. There are already some projects focused on reducing CubeSat missions cost but problem is still unresolved. Moreover, time by time students are faced same development problems instead of focusing on the subject of their CubeSat mission. Typical CubeSat OBC cost is more than 4000 euro, instead of it could be used COTS computer like Arduino or Raspberry-pi with cost is only around 40 euro. Raspberry-pi is a powerful computer with fully capable OS and plenty of already developed advanced software and libraries which are available for free. Thatâ�?�?s why SPUTNIX decided to use Raspberry-pi as a core of SPUTNIX CubeSat product line. Another feature is â�?�?SPUTNIX CubeSat APIâ�?. It is a software library for Raspberry-pi. The library will dramatically save on board software development time, allowing users to focus on high level algorithms and mission goal rather than solving tasks on low level programming. SPUTNIX Raspberry CubeSat kit is designed for laboratory practice in school, university laboratories and for space mission as well. The CubeSat product line will be available in two options: 1U CubeSat with coarse magnetic stabilization system, and 3U CubeSat with 3-axis ADCS. Each of the options is suitable for a variety of educational and applied tasks, including: design of nanosatellite, systems engineering, structure design, space missions planning, satellite mission control and telemetry processing, on-board software development, nanosatellite assembling, engineering tests, payload integration and its maintenance in laboratory and on orbit.

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