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Single unit implant in esthetic zone

Joint Webinar: 11th World Summit on Dentistry and Oral Health & 18th International Conference on Otorhinolaryngology: ENT Surgery

November 16, 2022 | Webinar

Rawan Aldossari

Armed Forces Hospital-Dhahra, Saudi Arabia

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Abstract :

Replacement of the anterior tooth with conventional fixed partial denture or resin-bonded restorations achieves highly aesthetic results. When single-tooth implant restorations are considered in restoring aesthetic areas, the same level of aesthetic outcome should be provided. Prosthodontic treatment planning is essential in determining whether the single-tooth implant restoration would satisfy the requirements of occlusion, aesthetics, phonetics and preservation of tooth structure. Surgical treatment planning should lead to decisions about the positioning of the implant and hard and soft tissue management to obtain proper housing of the fixture and the ideal soft tissue environment surrounding the restoration. Patient expectation, smile line, soft and hard tissue morphology should guide the treatment pathway toward a predictable aesthetic result. The Patient in this case was 48 years old Saudi female house wife. Patient denied having any medical problems and she was not under any medication. She wanted to reattach fallen temporary FPD (# 25-27+ #45), replace multiple temporary crowns with permeant crowns and extraction and replacement of a remaining root in the upper right side (as advised). Tooth number #11 had a defective temporary filling PL and defective comp. filling M. Pulpal diagnosis was previously treated RCT (inadequate) and the periapical status was asymptomatic apical periodontitis. In the initial treatment plan, it was agreed to do retreatment of the RCT without a crown due to the challenges in matching the tooth color of a single crown in the in an esthetic area specially with a TFI score 3 according to Thylstrup and Fejerskov (TF) index. Unfortunately during the cores of our treatment, the tooth was fractured and the fractured segment was splinted by composite. The treatment plan changed to implant supported crown. CBCT done and we decided to go with immediate implant placement. Atraumatic extractions of tooth #11 and immediate implant placement done on December 2nd, 2019 and a resin bonded FDP was used as a provisional restoration. The provisional restoration was changed after 10 months to a custom healing abutment to allow soft tissue molding. After few weeks final impression was done and the final crown was fabricated in collaboration with a highly skilled lab technician with an artistic touch and cementation was done on November 26, 2020. At the end of the treatment patient was satisfied and happy with final result.

Biography :

Rawan Aldossari is a graduate from Riyadh Alelm University, dental college, 2011. Worked as a general practitioner for more that a decade. Pursed post graduate education in Advanced Education in General Dentistry (AEGD) program at Prince Abdulrahman Advanced Dental Institute, and graduated by the end of 2020. Currently working as a registrar at Armed Forces Hospital- Dhahran.