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Reproductive System & Sexual Disorders: Current Research

Reproductive System & Sexual Disorders: Current Research
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Self-reported postpartum morbidity: Prevalence and determinants among women in Marrakesh, Morocco

2nd International Conference on Reproductive Health and Medicine

June 26-27, 2017 London, UK

Elkhoudri Noureddine

Higher Institute of Health Sciences, University Hassan first Settat, Morocco

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Abstract :

Maternal mortality is a public health problem particularly in developing countries. This is mainly related to maternal morbidity, especially during the post-partum period (Haemorrhage, infectionsâ�?¦). In Morocco, little is known about maternal morbidity within the population. The aim of this study is to determine the prevalence of self-reported postpartum morbidity and grasp its determinants. This descriptive and analytic cross-sectional survey was carried out in six health centers drawn randomly in Marrakesh, Morocco. A total of 1,029 women of reproductive age (15â�?�?49) giving birth in the year preceding the survey were enrolled. Women were examined in these health centers during the study period. A questionnaire gathered information about socio-demographic, health and reported postpartum morbidity. Bivariate and multiple analyses were used to identify associated factors with the self-reported postpartum morbidity. Statistical significance was set at p < 0.05. Self-reported postpartum morbidity prevalence was 13.1 % while haemorrhage, pregnancy-induced hypertension and fever were the main complications: 71.92 %; 12.18 % and 10.64 % respectively. According to the multiple logistic regression model, the illiteracy among women and the number of pregnancies greater than 3 determine independently this morbidity (OR = 1.24; CI 95 %: 1.09â�?�?1.54; and OR = 1.69; CI 95 %:1.04â�?�?2.70 respectively). Reducing female illiteracy and fertility will help the fight against postpartum maternal morbidity, which is critical to the wellbeing of women and their infants.

Biography :

Elkhoudri Noureddine has completed his PhD from Cadi Ayyad University, valedictorian, and he is Assistant Professor at Higher Institute of Health Sciences University Hassan first Settat-Morocco. Healthcare professional has worked in several hospitals (mother-child hospital, University Hospital...) For more than 16 years. He has published more than 8 papers in reputed journals and has been serving as an editorial board member of some journals.