Selection and application of different methods in point intervention therapy
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Medicinal & Aromatic Plants
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Selection and application of different methods in point intervention therapy

Annual Meeting on Naturopathic Physicians & Acupuncturists

July 24-26, 2017 Melbourne, Australia

Serg Mezhov

Acupuncture Association of Victoria, Australia

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Abstract :

All treatments we producing are start from diagnosing and pathology differentiation, following up by designing of treatment plan and then therapeutic methods. We know what is necessary to apply in variety of disorders and when it comes to the session, we have a lot of tools like: points selection methods and herbal combinations or techniques to use for stimulation etc. However there areâ? missing linkâ? in many cases of treatment not being utilized â?? variation of different methods approaching of the points; needling, burning, pressure, plod releasing and positioning. This is what I want to punctuate today, what is the best to do out of Acupuncture- Zhen, Moxibustion- Jiu, Bloodletting- Fang Xie, Cupping- Ba guan, Finger pressure- Zhen fa, Setting manipulation- Zheng gu in time of therapy and haw combine all above methods together. Basically we have to major approach to the body in TCM - stimulation and sedation, so what we can do is more or less should fall in those two effects. Also two substances we are dealing with are Blood and Qi, in traditional way, also have preferred effects to be applying. And last, but not least is place or subject where results expected to be. From all those points we shell look at selection of our intervention to maximize treatment success.

Biography :

Serg Mezhov , has been practicing different modalities Eastern as well Western medicine from 1979 back in Soviet Union until it’s end and then up till now in Melbourne, Australia. He is disciple of Lee family acupuncture tradition and has major interest in Spinal column disorders.

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