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Annals and Essences of Dentistry
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Role of L-PRF in Periodontology

Proceedings of Advanced Dentistry 2021 & Prosthodontics 2021

March 24-25, 2021 WEBINAR

Walid M. Elebiary

Private practice, Saudi Arabia

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Abstract :

Wound healing is a complex biological process were many cellular events taking place simultaneously leading to the repair or regeneration of damaged tissues. Many attempts have been made in the field of tissue regeneration aiming to repair, regenerate or restore damaged tissues. Attempts were done using biomaterials including allograft, zenograft, alloplast which showed foreign body reaction. Therapy using platelets concentrates was introduced to utilize the body’s natural healing capacity. Growth factors could be collected as Platelets rich plasma (PRP) or platelets rich growth factor (PRGF). Both were containing anti-coagulants which inhibit wound healing, that’s why L-PRF was developed. L-PRF is a 3-D autogenous combination of platelet rich fibrin derived from the patient blood. It shows excellent working properties with ease of manipulation as its resilient, strong, playable, subble and adherent.

Biography :

Walid M. Elebiary graduated from the faculty of Dentistry, Alexandria University 1992. He had Diploma of Restorative Dentistry and Fixed Prosthodontics 1995 and Master degree of Oral Medicine and Periodontology 1999. He worked as a resident at the faculty of Dentistry, Alexandria University Department of Periodontology. He is working in private practice since 1992 and lecture in many international conferences.