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Road, air and water car (R.A.W)

International Conference and Exhibition on Automobile Engineering

September 01-02, 2015 Valencia, Spain

Arjun Jamedar

Vignana Bharathi Institute of Technology, India

Posters-Accepted Abstracts: Adv Automob Eng

Abstract :

The name of the project is RAW car. It means a car which moves on Road, Air, and Water. This car is very useful for defense purpose and for the cops to catch the criminals. A criminal can escape by any way, by using any means of transport. So this car is useful to catch them. This car is made, such that it can move from road to air, air to water, road to water, water to air, water to road, air to road. Impact on society: This car will have a greater impact in the Defense field. R.A.W. Car can be used to help people who are stuck in regions where normal helicopters or cars cannot go. The car which has been designed is of two different types. Type (1): â�?¢ A motor for both Road, Water motion. â�?¢ A motor for Air motion. Type (2): â�?¢ A motor for all Road, Air, Water motion. In type one, the car normally looks like the other cars which we see on roads and have the same motion on road with the same engine but for the movement on water, there are some design changes to wheels. So that it can float on water and have its motion. For flying in the air, a quadcopter has been utilized. In type (2) car, utilizing a quadcopter all three motions has been tested. In practical, we can use the type (1) car as it uses petrol (if made big), and white petrol to fly in necessary time. Coming to type (2), which runs completely on quadcopter, it uses white petrol to for motion. Keeping the cost into account, type (1) car has been designed.

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