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Rhinoplasty: The one and only aesthetic plastic surgery procedure

3rd International Conference and Expo on Cosmetology & Trichology

July 21-23, 2014 Hampton Inn Tropicana, Las Vegas, USA

Arturo Meza

Accepted Abstracts: J Clin Exp Dermatol Res

Abstract :

Referred as "Queen" of plastic surgeries because of its fully demanding abilities to perform it, rhinoplasty procedure continues to be one of the most frequent asked and performed procedures in the Plastic Surgery field, mostly of the face appearence' so called "beauty". As we all know, a pure "beauty" conceptual doesn't exist for all the human races and even for the aesthetic canons at all, so what was there to know as very desiderable for ancient cultures as the Greek, Roman, Egiptian or Mayan, may not "fit" in our actual occidental standards of what is accepted as natural or attractive. This talk is just about the nose shape. The nose by itself means the organ of the elegant, refinement (resembles the English Aristocratical look of the XIX century applied to modern societies) but it is also known that is considered as the organ for the "reputation" as example in some cultures in which it has been "punished" or mutilated just to "mark" a socially undesired behaviour. So, the first manuscripts held in the Susruta Samhita 7000 BC described the first attempts to reconstruct an abladed nose with a "frontal median flap" performed by artisans other than doctors. There are many ethical and aesthetical considerations we can do all about the importance of the nose with its inherent beauty confirmation message every individual receives from it every day, starting by what it means to the individual in her or his social context, but the most important is to consider that a beauty balanced face in its "pure" natural occurrence is as rare as 1:15,000 individuals (and maybe more, depending on the race and population we attend) perfectly balanced "standarized" relationship of balance of the face at all: bone structures (between frontal, maxillary and mandibular areas), eyes shape and color and nose size, length, width, etc. Which is more, it is also accepted by our cultures no give a very "sinister role", as we can see in the shape of the "terror" figures in our society as the aging process emerges giving a "witch nose/face" a Halloween category that not so many wish to have in their social relationship context. The last consideration we have to start doing for this conceptualizarion of the nose's beauty powering properties is the fact of that the so called Aesthetic Plastic Surgery procedures( face lifting, eyelid plasties, mammoplasties, abdominoplasties, etc.) are oriented to restore 2 basic human features: or compensating the aging process effects or giving the body an improved sex appeal. That's all, and, on the other hand if a person looks "ugly" by nature, even with the best and utmost result, she or he will look in the best result with a "refreshed" or age lessed look, but with the same basic natural attractive. It is an often practice to misunderstood these concept so everybody offers beauty, confusing the inherent attractiveness of the young aged people, but this doesn't necessarily means real beauty. In the other hand, and this is the point, a person that has been relegated by the society as "ugly", sometimes is just because for the shape of her or his nose( size, length, tip "sinister" orientation, etc.) is often capable to give a 360 degrees change in the look with a good rhinoplasty result, just by the fact that all the rest of facial anatomical structures are naturally in balance, and it is just at the time of seeing a Rhinoplasty result, that every surrounding people gives attention to details, and comments as " wow...even your eyes look great, or smile, etc.) The purpose and message of this script, is to give the basic rules to choose a procedure according to each individual and not in a "serial factory results" look. The key to succes in rhinoplasty is just that: to individualize each patient anatomical, ethnical, gender features and applies a technique that gives a natural and longlasting result that fits perfectly in the individual's personality.