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Revealing the Dimensionality and Cosmic mysteries of the universe through a universal graviton cycle emerged out of singularity gravitons

5th International Congress on Physics

March 03, 2022 | Webinar

Chinmoy Bhattacharya

Austin Paints & Chemicals Pvt Ltd, India

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Abstract :

The universe, to which we all belong, is an integrated or hybrid form of the numerous physical variables. Defining a physical variable by physics only, however, gives rise to a ‘ part definition’ of the concerned physical variable. However, the said part definition achieves a full proof shape, only when it is being defined by mathematics and geometry too. Every physical variable needs to be described by three parameters, i) a distinct geometrical shape, ii) the logic of physics behind its formation and iii) a mathematical expression. Finally all the said three concepts need to be bridged and merged at a single point. This needs to be accepted as a rule of thumb in ‘Science’ while defining any physical variable of the universe.Drawing the geometrical shapes of the physical variables like distance, area, volume etc. is not much difficult but the world science has not so far educated us to draw the geometrical shapes of time, mass or velocity since as on date the unified scientific definitions of the said variables do not exist.With the above said rule of thumb of unified definition of a physical variable in hand, in this proposition the geometrical shapes, the physics of their formations, the mathematical expressions for the physical variables like time, mass, entropy, temperature, gravitation, dimensionality of the universe and the others etc. have been developed and described. The gravitational forces in the form of its super entropic form is indeed a ‘SINGULARITY GRAVITON’ and this gives birth of all the ‘push forward and pull back gravitons’ of the universe and all the natural phenomena of the universe have been proved here to originate from the existences of the equilibrium between the different types of ‘GRAVITONS’, existing very much in our cosmos. All the cosmic phenomena has been shown by a universal ‘GRAVITON CYCLE’ in this proposition.

Biography :

Chinmoy Bhattacharya is a PhD in Polymer Physics from India in the year 1988. He then did his post-doctoral studies on Polymer physics of liquid crystals in Laval University, Canada and is back to India in the year 1991; he joined paint Industry ICI INDIA LTD. He continued his research work on quantum gravity and theory of relativity and has recently come up with an altogether new unified quantum gravity theory. He has about 12 publications in Polymer national/international journals and his work on Cosmology, Theory Quantum gravity Dark Matter.