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Psycho-pathology of victims and bullies in school violence

Global Clinical Psychologists Annual Meeting

October 10-12, 2016 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Sun Mi Cho

Ajou University, South Korea

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Abstract :

The aim of this study was to investigate psycho-pathology of victims and bullies in school/cyber violence. This study was conducted to examine the association of school violence, cyber crime and psycho-pathology in Korean adolescents. Participants were 518 middle school students in Korea and the K-YSR(Korean-Youth Self Report) data were subjected to ANOVA analyses. The students who were both â�?�?victim and bullyâ�? showed significant higher scores on depression/anxiety, attention problems, delinquency, aggression and self-harm. ANOVA analysis revealed that status as victim and/or bully was important as a predictor of DSRS scores. Adolescents in the "victim and bully" group scored significantly higher than those of the neither group. In the ANOVA analysis of cyber violence, only the depression/anxiety, attention and thought problem showed significant differences in four different group. Generally, â�?�?victim and bullyâ�?�?group showed higher scores on the YRS subscales than those of the other three groups. These results suggested that the psycho-patholgy and mental health were associated with not only the victims but bullies. Juvonen (2013) also found similar result which showed that the 'victim and bullyâ�?�? showed most severe conduct problem and they reported higher scores of depression and loneliness. In the longitudinal research, victim and bully group had higher morbidity rate on anxiety disorder, depressive disorder and psychotic disorder. We can insist that the medical assessment and intervention of the students are important and should be considered for the part of policy of school delinquency.

Biography :

Sun Mi Cho has completed her PhD from Korea University. She is an Associate Professor of Ajou University, School of Medicine, having a reputation as a Young Child & Adolescent Psychologists. She has authored a number of books and articles on “Parenting education and child psychology”.