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Psychoaesthetics is a new term in medical terminology, specifically in plastic reconstructive surgery and cosmetic surgery

5th International Conference and Expo on Cosmetology, Trichology & Aesthetic Practices

April 25-27, 2016 Dubai, UAE

Ardeshir Vahidi

University of Leicester Affiliated Teaching Hospital, UK

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Abstract :

It is about scientific research started earlier at the beginning of my medical studies, observation of human behavior, a very serious study subject when I started my internship in Plastic Surgery on 1995 starting with Psycho-Cybernetics of Dr. Maxwell in 1960 and other studies regarding dysmorphophobia, patientâ�?�?s desire for change and their inner happiness and psychological comfort lead me to find the key objective of this term. As an example I would stress eyes, lips and the arc of Cupid as principal elements, centre of attraction, important role in expression of womenâ�?�?s sensuality. â�?�?Informational lines of intense sexual signalsâ�? 30 Beginning with idea of â�?�?informational lines and forms with intense sexual signalsâ�?. In this publication I would like to stress thatbehind all surgical procedures there is a desire, which leads to improvement of lines and forms, willingly or unwillingly. We do IMPROVE the lines, contours and forms toward PERFECTION, which enhances sexual attraction. Conclusion: Medical science, Art and philosophy in one word, â�?�?Psychoaestheticsâ�? is a meaningful term and concept, improvement of lines and contours, beautiful body design for psychological comfort, sexual attraction, leading to fulfillment of the hidden formula for perpetuation of human species. Discussion & Observations: Would we, as medical professionals or as human being to admit thatwishing of Surgical Procedures - Plastic Reconstructive Surgery or Cosmetics Surgery are hiding a hidden sexual desire? This publication brings evidence and scientific proof that the onlyreason, hidden behind the unconscious desire of patientsâ�?�? wishes is improving of informational lines which have the maximum sexual signals.

Biography :

Ardeshir Vahidi originated the term ‘psychoaesthetics’. As a cosmetic surgeon, he believes that there is a psychological reason behind needs of patients for surgery, cosmetic surgery can only be well done when creates the balance between mind and body, understanding of both the patients inner view of themselves and how they want to represent themselves outside. He works with this ethic to deliver ‘pain free’ intervention and both surgical and microsurgical techniques that leave minimal scarring or bruising. He is passionate about seeing cosmetic surgery as an art to help accentuate the natural curves and lines rather than inflate them.