Promoting resiliency and ensuring healthy wellbeing of children - adolescent by the multi professional team management service, can prevent mental illness – a study outcome of a mental health service center “PR
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Promoting resiliency and ensuring healthy wellbeing of children - adolescent by the multi professional team management service, can prevent mental illness – a study outcome of a mental health service center “PR

29th World Summit on Positive Psychology, Mindfulness and Psychotherapy

May 21-22, 2018 | New York, USA

S Z Rezina Parvin, Anisa JAhan, Farzana Islam and Jillur Rahman Khan

Prerona, Bangladesh
Anwar Khan Modern Hospital, Bangladesh
Apolo Hospital, Bangladesh
National Institute of Mental Health (NIMH), Bangladesh

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Abstract :

Introduction: Child abuse and neglect is a highly preferable issue in Bangladesh though mental health service is available in government non government institutions. Lake of awareness and stigma is the taboo for parents to seek mental health services. A study of adolescent and their parents, who seek mental health services from the Child- Adolescent Development and Psychosocial Support Services Center, will be demonstrated here. Objective: To assess the psychosocial, cultural and developmental norms and attitudes which display in the family? To identify the problem behavior of children and risk factors. Look at the effectiveness of mental health services. Method: A documentation study including qualitative and quantities method of 30 children and parent who are <12â??18 years old, received >8 counseling -therapy sessions and under follow up of multi professional team over the period of January 2015 to January 2016. Psychotherapy support was provided for client based on client centered counseling approach and non-directive transactional analysis approaches. Developmental well-being assessment (DAWBA), pre and post questioner â??of self-report questioner (SRQ), Family Environment Scale (FES) questioner, was applied to detect problems. Outcome of Mental health service will be evaluates based on result of the assessment. Result: This study targets to evaluate the clinical problems and outcome after the Psychotherapy support. Among 30 Children, seven children had Neurological problem, eight children had Psychiatric problem and 15 children had only psychosocial problems. Female are 58% and male. 45% children are below 14 years old and 55% children are <14 years old. The socio demographic scenario of relational problem between parent child and childrenâ??s problem behavior will be identified throw structure questioner, the effectiveness of the techniques in improving mental wellbeing, promoting social communication and developing a healthy environment for the child will be discussed. Different types of risk factors which influence the emotional problems of children, parent and family will be e mentioned here. Study findings are indicating the effectiveness of mental health services in clinical settings. Conclusion: Lack of awareness, over attention in stigma, poor knowledge in child rearing practice of families in early child development will affect different developmental domains, poor academic performance, and poor socializations. We need to ensure a right based safe and healthy society for children where they feel they are empowered and it is essential to maintain positive mental health for children and adolescents wellbeing.

Biography :

MA, Diploma in Counseling (TA & NLP ) , Certified Transactional Analyst - CTA in Psychotherapy (trainee) India, is a TA practitioner; completed two years course on trauma therapy EMDR from Switzerland; presently working at Acid Survivors Foundation as psychotherapist; Counselor at a legal aid organization Ain o Salish Kendra for the last six years; 17 years work experience with children with Neuro disability at Dhaka Shishu ( Children’s) Hospital; providing psychosocial support to the victim of human right violation at victim support centre, a safe home of a police station. Presently she is General sectary of an organization PRERONA (Child – Adolescent Development and psychosocial support services Center). Provide counseling and psychotherapy, training, paper presentation, research, publication, advocacy in Media is her major professional activity; she has 18 National and International publications; Last but not the least she is Member of ITAA, SAATA, BACHAM, BSNDD, Shishu Bikash Network, PSG-Save the children, SICD www,, UK.

E-mail: [email protected]