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Clinical Pediatrics: Open Access

Clinical Pediatrics: Open Access
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Prioritising vaccines in pediatric practice

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June 23-24 | WEBINAR

Pramod Jog

D.Y. Patil Medical College, India

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Abstract :

Vaccination remains one of the most cost-effective preventions in the medical field. Even the cost of most expensive vaccines is less than the burden of the morbidity and mortality of the illnesses, and the cost of their treatment thereof. Every child has the right to receive all the approved, age appropriate vaccines in that country. Yet not many would be able to afford them. Therefore, the private practitioner has to prioritize on the offering of as many vaccines as possible to as many children coming to the facility. Designing an immunization schedule of an individual child with resource strains is indeed a daunting task. One has to prioritize various vaccines based on disease epidemiology, risk to that particular child, safety and immunogenicity of the vaccine and also availability of affordable vaccines in the vicinity. Hence, various factors need to be considered while prioritizing the vaccines. These factors can be conveniently placed in the form of a mnemonic NESCAFE which stands for Need, Efficacy, Safety, Cost-effectiveness, Affordability, Flexible situations and Ethical issues.

Biography :

Pramod Jog is a senior pediatrician practicing in Pune with a rich experience of more than 35 years. He has a clinic & a hospital in Aundh & is the director of Medipoint Hospital. He is the Professor of Pediatrics at D.Y. Patil Medical College, Pune. He was also the President IAP, 2016, Standing Committee Member, International Pediatric Association, 2016-19, Steering committee member GAVI (CSO) 2O16-19 and also the Chairman, IAP Advisory Committee on Immunization 2015-17. He received Plotkin’s prize for best performance in ADVAC at Annecy, France in 2011. Additionally, he is Senior Consultant to UNICEF and also the Chief Editor, Times of Pediatrics. He has delivered innumerable lectures on national and international platforms & has more than 150 articles in reputed journals to his credit.

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