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Prescriptive peptide design for cell-based therapies

International Conference and Exhibition on VIROLOGY

5-7 September 2011 Baltimore, USA

Max Ryadnov

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Abstract :

Prescriptive peptide design provides an effi cient strategy for matching molecular structure with biological function. Steady attention to the approach extends beyond purely academic interest prompting the emergence of novel therapeutic platforms defi ned and constructed at the subcellular scale. Synthetic designs derived from biological assemblies underpin various applications. Examples include viral mimetics for gene therapy,extracellular matrix mimetics for tissue repair,and autonomously responsive antimicrobial and antimetastatic agents. Th e main tendency therefore is to borrow from Nature?s molecular assemblies to specialist constructions improving our understanding of macromolecular organisation and its relation to function in a variety of biomedical contexts.

Biography :

Max Ryadnov is a scientifi c leader in the UK?s National Physical Laboratory and a Lecturer in Chemical Physics at the University of Edinburgh. He has completed his PhD at the Russian Academy of Science and Moscow State University and postdoctoral studies at Sussex University. He has published over 40 high-impact publications and international patents and pursues active research in biomolecular design and metrology.