Pregnancy with PCOS through awakened healing and acupuncture
Endocrinology & Metabolic Syndrome

Endocrinology & Metabolic Syndrome
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Pregnancy with PCOS through awakened healing and acupuncture

2nd World Congress on Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome

October 05-07, 2016 Orlando, Florida, USA

Lisa Morrissey

Lansdowne College of Acupuncture and Complementary Medicine, Dublin, Ireland

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Abstract :

From a traditional Chinese medicine perspective, we look at the individual presentation of each patient. PCOS wouldn’t be considered under one generic pattern or diagnosis. The diagnosis and treatment will be specific to the individual presentation. However acupuncture alone isn’t enough to treat PCOS, there isn’t a magic bullet fix, you need to be open to healing. Regardless of what route the individual chooses to go, to choose Western medicine and take metformin or similar or to choose traditional Chinese medicine, the most important change needed is mindset and belief. You need to ground yourself and open your body up to healing. You need to love your PCOS and accept it. You may recognize yourself going through the Kübler-Ross five stages of grief-denial, anger, bargaining, depression and acceptance. When you open yourself to acceptance and healing you will see all of the healing possibilities around you that you were not able to see before. If you feel like a victim your mind will look for things to prove you right and you won’t see the health solutions. You will have thought you tried everything but if you really question it, have you? Now you can really change your diet with discipline to a healthier diet and to lose weight if needs be. Now you will walk in nature and meditate daily. If you don’t really believe then you won’t have the willpower to do what needs to be done to truly heal.

Biography :

Lisa Morrissey has completed her BSc from Maynooth University in Dublin, Ireland. She is fascinated with natural healing and has also trained as a Shaman’s apprentice, studied Chakra Balancing in Thailand and lived with the Monks in Thailand for a period of time, practicing Vipassana, learning the art of silent meditation. She is currently the Director of Baby Steps, a natural fertility and pregnancy clinic and is in the process of opening her own health retreat center.

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