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Positive psychology narratives - A global perspective

International Conference on Positive Psychology and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

June 13-14, 2016 Philadelphia, USA

Dalal Alhomaizi

Columbia University, USA

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Abstract :

In this diverse panel, we will be discussing research findings from the numerous studies conducted at the Global Mental Health Lab at Teachers College, Columbia University that highlight generating positive attitudes towards mental health, redefining and reframing pathology and the resilience and the ability of people to thrive in adverse situations. Advocating for positive attitudes towards mental illness: There is no health without mental health, although this notion is well-established in the field of mental health, the global community has yes to endorse it. The image of mental health and people with mental illnesses remains largely negative globally. Mental Health is erroneously thought to be a luxury in the public health agenda of developing countries. In some regions, the stigma of mental health doesn��?t only take the form of stereotyping and discrimination, but also human rights violations. In this presentation, we will discuss how to demystify mental health and empower the public with knowledge to understand the benefit of mental health for all as a first step towards influencing country wide changes in attitudes as well as legislation.

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