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Positive mental health and Resilience; A comparative study among working and nonworking women

4th World Congress on Psychiatry & Psychological Syndromes

November 01-02,2021 WEBINAR

Harshitha. D

Rajeev Gandhi University of Allied Health Science Shivamoga, India

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Abstract :

Positive mental health is a state of well-being where person can understand their own potential.It depends on the individual managing to cope up with stress and to face difficulty without breakdown. People who have psychological strength to cope with these stress and hardship are termed as resilient. Resilience refers to overall physical and psychological health. Women usually prefer to be employed, but carrying out duties and responsibilities both at home and workplace overstrains them yet they manage the situations which lead them to positive mental health. The present study aims to study the relationship between Positive mental health and Resilience among working and non-working womens and also to examine whether Resilience effect the Positive mental health among working and non-working womens. The samples of the study included 60 participants above 20 years from various districts of Karnataka in which there were 30 working women with minimum 2 years of work experience and 30 non-working womens. The data was collected using Brief Resilience Scale by Smith (2008) and positive Mental Health Scale by Lutz et al. (1992). Data was analyzed using SPSS software to perform descriptive statistics, Pearson correlation and two ways ANOVA. The result of the study revealed that there is a significant moderate positive co relationship between Positive mental health and Resilience. There is no significant interaction effect between two independent variables on positive mental health. Keyword: Positive mental health, resilience, working and non-working womens.