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Positive and spiritual psychology for promoting positive mental health and improving quality of life: Need of the day

International Conference on Positive Psychology and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

June 13-14, 2016 Philadelphia, USA

Vibha Sharma

Institute of Human Behavior & Allied Sciences, India

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Abstract :

In the present age of globalization and modernization with accelerated rate of urbanization and rapid technological changes, the changed style of lives, as well as changed thoughts, values and priorities have led the society to the edge of stressful outbursts and increased risk of mental health problems. Consequences of this change can be seen in the form of uncontrolled aggression, poor selfcontrol and violence, leading from road rages to murders, rapes, crimes and terrorism or one or another lifestyle disorder, anxieties, worries and tensions. To address the issue of promotion of positive mental health, we need to move out of the medical paradigms and look for more wider and popular answers, acceptable socially and culturally. The simple approaches of positive and spiritual psychology are likely to help in promotion of positive mental health and overall a sense of wellbeing in public. The model developed for the same by the presenter and some empirical evidences will be shared in the presentation. The main focus of the presentation would be to present the understanding and scope of positive and spiritual psychology in prevention, treatment and promotion of mental health at larger level.

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