Physical and mental health of adolescents
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Physical and mental health of adolescents

17th World Summit on Positive Psychology, Psychotherapy & Cognitive Behavioral Sciences

May 01-03, 2017 Toronto, Canada

Aditya Narayan Tripathi

Sant Tulsi Das PG College, India

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Abstract :

Background: Mental health, as such, is represented as a psychic condition, which is characterized by mental peace, harmony and content. There can be no mental health without physical health and vice versa. As we are well known that adolescence is considered as the most important transition period of life, it also holds a heightened risk with high rates of depression, conduct disorders, suicide, drug and alcohol addiction and anti-social behaviour. This paper aims to discuss why physical and mental health affects the growth and development of an adolescent. Physical and mental health commutates those behaviours, perceptions and feelings that determine a person├ó┬?┬?s overall level of personal effectiveness, success, happiness and excellence of functioning as a person. Aim: A study was conducted to estimate the size of physical and mental health problem among adolescents. Sample: 240 adolescents from both rural and urban locale were recruited as a sample of the study from the Ambedkar Nagar, UP. Methods: Sample: The sample of the study consisted of 60 urban and 60 rural locale of the age range of 11-21 yrs., who were selected from the city and some rural villages of Ambedkar nagar at the state of eastern Uttar Pradesh in India. Whom they care his physical health by doing yoga. These samples were selected by the quota sampling technique. A normal group of 60 rural and 60 urban was also included in the study those were of the same age, same education and same location but not caring physical health living as normal person. Assessment Technique: Following tool was administrated to the 60 urban and 60 rural locale who was doing yoga and also taking physical precautions as well as 60 urban and 60 rural of normal persons individually after establishing adequate rapport with them. Tool: Mental Health Inventory (Dr.jagdish, Dr.A.K.Srivastava) MHI Data Collection: Data collected by Contact to each rural and urban adolescent, control and normal group individually. Personal details of the subject were collected employing in depth interview technique after establishing the adequate rapport with each subject, MHI Mental Health Inventory was administered individually. Result: It was found that controlled group is better than normal group comparatively in physical and mental health. Conclusion: It was found that adolescents were having mental health problem.

Biography :

Aditya Narayan Tripathi is an Associate Professor in Education Department at Sant Tulsi Das Post Graduate College Kadipur Sultanpur, which is affiliated to Avadh University, Faizabad, UP. He is the Editor of weekly and daily newspaper, Aditya Times and Founder of Degree College, Secondary School, Primary & Junior High School as Karmyogi Ram Surat Tripathi Mahavidyalya, Maharashi Dayanand Inter College, Swami Vivekanand Convent Junior High School & Swami Viveknand Primary Convent School, etc. He is also the Promoter of a political party named Bhartiya Jan Samman Party. He is the Convener of Education Department in Avadh University and also a Member of Indian Academy of Health Psychology. He is an Ex-Senior Vice President of Teacher Association of Avadh University Faizabad and Secretary of the Press Club, Ambedkar Nagar, UP.

Email: [email protected]