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Parental involvement program for Jamaican parents

17th World Summit on Positive Psychology, Psychotherapy & Cognitive Behavioral Sciences

May 01-03, 2017 Toronto, Canada

Peta Gayle Oates-Blake

University of East London, UK

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Abstract :

Parental involvement in the life of students��? education has been a major concern of principals, educators, scholars and governments across the world. This consultancy was conducted in Jamaica and proposes a Parental Involvement Program designed to improve parental involvement of Jamaican parents using positive psychology theories. Parental styles in Jamaica are said to be mostly authoritarian and child-rearing practices are generally authoritarian, austere and abusive. Poor parentchild communication mainly due to cultural beliefs is another characteristic of the Jamaican parenting style. Mosby and Smith (2003) have also asserted that, this form of parenting has affected the psychosocial outcomes of Jamaican children and may have resulted in an increase in antisocial behavior in the society. Many studies have linked parenting programs to effective changes in parental attitudes, including those of Jamaican parents. Positive changes include decreases in parental anxiety and depression, improvement in parent child-relations and improvement in parental and maternal self confidence and identity. The parental program is made up of three components: A parent education program underpinned with positive psychological theories and interventions such as subjective well-being, parenting self-efficacy and self-regulation. A parent support group to assist parents in providing support to each other and a parental involvement program that will see parents actively involved in school activities and the educational life of students.

Biography :

Peta Gayle Oates-Blake is an Author, Speaker and Positive Psychology Practitioner. She is currently in the third year of the Master of Positive Psychology Program at the University of East London. She is a Founder and Director of a Positive Consultancy Limited, a high impact, multidisciplinary psychological consultancy located in Jamaica, that provides scientific responses to institutions and individuals helping them to thrive.