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Our experience of total laparoscopic hydatid cyst management: A study of 10 cases

Joint Event on 2nd World Congress on Surgeons & 12th International Conference on Anesthesiology and Critical Care

November 11-12, 2019 | Istanbul, Turkey

Syed Ghazanfar Imam

SMS Medical College, India

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Abstract :

Aim: In the era of minimal invasive surgery, we share our experience of 10 hydatid cyst cases, which was laparoscopically managed irrespective of the involved primary organ like liver, spleen, kidney and lung.

Methods: All the patients diagnosed with hydatid cyst were consented and included in our study randomly. USG and CT scan was performed in every patient for pre-operative workup along with routine blood investigations. Demographic data, operative time, intra-operative complications, duration of hospital stay and post-operative complications were recorded.

Results: 10 patients underwent laparoscopic hydatid cyst drainage with deroofing and marsupialization of cyst, there were 6 female and 4 male patients with mean age of 30 years. The mean operative time was about 45 minutes, post-operatively there were fewer complications which was managed successfully and mean hospital stay duration about 5 days.

Conclusion: To conclude the hydatid cyst management reveals excellent with laparoscopic management with better outcome.

Biography :

Syed Ghazanfar Imam is a Budding Surgeon and alumni of LLRM Medical College, Meerut, India. He has worked in Department of Forensic Medicine and Biochemistry as a Junior Resident in AIIMS Delhi. He is currently doing his Residency in General Surgery from SMS Medical College, India. He is a proactive and high performing professional with expertise in ICU management, trauma, critical care, tetanus and emergency surgeries. He has one publication to his credit.