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Ocular cysticercosis in 3-year old female child

17th Global Summit on Hematology and Infectious Diseases

Aug 02-03, 2021 Webinar

Okechukwu Charles Okafor

University of Nigeria, Enugu Campus, NIGERIA

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Abstract :

BACKGROUND & OBJECTIVE: A 3-year-old female child presents with loss of vision and leucocoria following trauma to the eye 2 months prior to presentation. METHODS: CT scan revealed complete retinal detachment, telangiectasia, anterior segment vascularisation, hypopyon, and fibrosed inferior rectus muscle and optic nerve head. There were no calcifications to suggest retinoblastoma. An unexplained cyst was seen in the anterior segment. RESULTS: The enucleation piece showed a cystic lesion measuring about 4mm. Histology confirmed that this lesion corresponds to the bladder and head (protoscolex) of a cysticercus located between the cornea and the lens. The helminth is lined by a typical coat of 3 layers: outer cuticle (tegment), middle tegmental and inner loose tissue. The retina is completely detached and there is a dense chronic inflammatory infiltrate involving the ciliary body, choroid, retina and sclera (panphthalmitis). CONCLUSION: The incidence of cysticercosis is higher in endemic areas. However, the high rate of transcontinental migration increases the risk in low endemic areas. The aim of this presentation is to create a high level of suspicion in surgeons and physicians for better patient care.