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Journal of Clinical & Experimental Dermatology Research
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Nycil cool herbal. An observation –blind multicentric randomized comparative study with Nycil cool herbal, nycil classic and dermi cool to elevate the effi cacy and safety in patient suffering from prickly heat

International Conference & Exhibition on Clinical Research Dermatology, Ophthalmology & Cardiology

5-6 July 2011 San Francisco, USA


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Abstract :

Prickly heat which is generally also known as Miliaria rubra is very common in hot, humid conditions. It is due to the obstruction sweat duct of the skin. The lesion of the prickly heat are minute reddish papule which are associated with unbearable prickly Ayurveda has dealt with all aspect of skin care and disease such as etiology, pathology and treatment. In Ayurved, general skin care and diseases are considered to be influenced by factors like allergy , malnutrition, excessive exposure to sun rays, lack of skin hygiene, infection etc Nycil Cool Herbal is an experienced and evidence based Ayurvedic [phto- medicine] formulation . The formulation is in the form of dusting powder developed by HEINZ INDIA (PLIMITED, ?D? SHIV-SAGAR, 7TH FLOORDR. ANNIE BESANT ROAD, WORLI, MUMBAI ? 400 018, INDIA The ingredient of the formulation are known for their inherent traditional Pharmaco therapeutic effect on reliving symptoms related to the Prickly heat The purpose of the clinical study was to evaluate the efficacy and safety of multi ingredient topical herbal dusting powder Nycil Herbal Cool in patient suffering from prickly heat and also have comparative assessment prickly heat powders Dermi Cool and Nycil Classic. Therefore the present study an observation blind comparative study Nycil herbal cool [Ayurvedic herbal formulation ] with available other available market product Nycil classic and Dermi Cool to evaluate the efficacy of herbal product on prickly heat patients. This study shows Nycil Cool Herbalis highly effective dusting powder on symptoms in burning sensation, perspiration it iching in flammation , discoloration is more effective than Nycil Classic and Dermi Cool. After 4 days.

Biography :

Dr. Mohammed khalil ? ur - Rehman working as a Professor and Head of Dept of Dravyuguna Ayurvedic Medical College, Kharghar, Na vi Mumbai, he completed Graduation B.Sc. (Biology) From Marathwada University, Aurangabad India and Post Graduation M.D. (Drayuguna) from Mumbai ? University.