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Non-invasive corrective needle-free mesotherapy

4th International Conference and Expo on Cosmetology & Trichology

June 22-24, 2015 Philadelphia, USA

Hope Goerner

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Abstract :

After the great success with Needle-Free Mesotherapy which is completely non-invasive and painless for the client. She chooses to eliminate down time, caused by medium depth peels, dermal needling or laser. After the therapy the clients can see visible change. Needle-Free Mesotherapy can repair acne, acne scarring, scaring from laser treatments, hyper-pigmentation and PIH post inflammatory pigmentation, dehydrated skin, compromised barrier, toxicity, tissue loss, wrinkles, muscle loss, unwanted fat deposits, cellulite, enlarged pores, shave bumps and just about any concern your client maybe hoping to correct combined with the proper corrective skincare ingredients. This therapy is more effective with its ability to penetrate product deep into the skins layers. The mesotherapy device which is used by the author also has Non-Surgical Face Lift & Photon LED built in. This technology was introduced in Europe by an Italian company in 2000. By using electrophoresis and electroporation layer orientated ratio to supply corrective products and nutrition to the deep-seated cells.This technology assists in lymph drainage, metabolism, lymph and blood circulation, improved hydration, dissolving fat cells, supplying moisture, repairing discolorations and whitening, building muscle, deep cleansing pores, exfoliating and solving problems at 2000 times the abortion rate, solving the problem of penetrating key products to repair a wide verity skin conditions. It uses Electroporation and Electro-osmosis technology, mesoderm or cell rupture without any syringes, easily opens the aquaporin (AQP) to transport needed nutrition, hydration or corrective ingredients to treat most conditions more effectively in 1/3 the time it would take just applying them toxically. This energy uses point to point infiltration by orientation, layer-orientated and transports high energy directly into the skis tissue, quickly treating the needs of your clients, right before your eyes. Electroporation instantly enhances tissue penetration creating holes in the lipid mobilization of cells at the same time the hydrophilic molecules which could not penetrate into the cellular levels. Once the holes start forming within minutes it will keep the opening state according the length of the electroshock which you can adjust on the device. Electro-osmosis acts on the substance molecule which is dispersed freely enabling penetration into the inner layers of the skin. Charges are mutual repulsion so it is using positive current with positive nutrition molecules. At the same time the neutral molecule also penetrates the inner skins layers. So now imagine what key products can do once penetrated into these layers can do for you and your clients. Let�??s take a client with PIH Post Inflammatory Pigmentation, if you can correct PIH your client becomes a walking billboard of free advertising and a client for life! I have found all my clients with this condition will always have this condition and it must be maintained for the better part of their life. Getting this client to flawless using medium depth peels can take 3-9 months depending on how severe the discolorations are, how compliant your client is on their home care instructions, if they are a picker, if they are using sunscreen regularly, all of these contribute to the time it�??s takes to get from Point A to Point B Flawless. That and your ability to educate the client on how the whole process will work so they finish their treatment plan you laid out for them, but that�??s another subject. Using Needle-Free Mesotherapy to treat PIH is nothing short of amazing using professional lightening serums or peels penetrated by the technology you can actually see the pigment breaking up first the surface stained cells shed, then the deeper pigment starts breaking up right before your eyes. Now if your using a peel while doing this treatment you must consider your timing and strength, if the device is penetrating the product 2000 times faster than topically applied, you need to dilute your peel making it 10%-20% not 30%-40% the device has a ampule for you to put the product designed to treat the concern, but with peels I recommend you have neutralizer on a cotton round so you can treat each area you are working on and then return the pH, so you stop the peel from over processing.The client feels no burning sensation and it�??s very effective. The author also likes to use ultra-sound gel topically containing hyaluronic acid for added hydration. When the treatment is over depending- on how severe the PIH is, your client will see visible improvement immediately, instead of waiting the 4-7 days for a peel to finish it�?? process. I will say this, that usually clients come for organic non-invasive therapy, their main concerns is down time, with this technology you can correct even the most severe skin complications without any down time at all. If you use your peels with this device instead of lightening serums you will still have down time, but as you get more experienced with the technology you can use peels without the client experiencing down time, using the technique. I have had a great deal of success with everything from sensitive skin with chronic skin disorders, to aging skin with tissue loss. I have used this technology with my body treatments and have had fascinating success with cellulite tissue. It is deep cleaning using toners, hydrating, exfoliating and nourishing for skins over health. No client has ever experienced complications or infection. It cuts my corrective treatment plans in half the time. The author can reduce wrinkles by 30% to the client�??sstarting from their first visit and can maintain it monthly.