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New hope the handling of HIV/AIDS by herbalove comparison of fruit golobe, pangi leaves and lamivudin on test in vitro

5th International Conference & Exhibition on Herbal & Traditional Medicine

November 05-06, 2018 | London, UK

Arend L Mapanawang

STIKES Halmahera, Indonesia

Keynote: Med Aromat Plants

Abstract :

HIV / AIDS became a global problem, which after 1982 found HIV virus and drug Lamivudin in Discover Year 1995, 34 years passed but until now has not been able to minimize HIV / AIDS virus in the world. A new hope fore after the innovation of a STIKES Institute Halmahera Mollucas Halmahera, Indonesia, find Herbal Medicines or Herbal love that comes from Golobe Family Fruits Zingiberaceae with Antioxidant 6,5 mg / ml, Antibacterial power with MTT and PCR test reached 43.34% at 800 ppm and 3.125 ppm reached 39.88%, while the leaves of Pangi 800 ppm inhibition reaches 94.80% and 450 ppm reaches 80.50% while Lamivudin at 100 ppm 28.87% and at 50 ppm reaching 46.65%. Herbal love Golobe (Zingiberaceae) Leaves Pangi is a new part in the field Pharmaceuticals and Medicine after these two herbal ingredients outperformed the Lamivudin drug has been used for the treatment of HIV / AIDS for 24 years. On the Multitasking Test show improvement because Herbalove Golobe is very strong antioxidant 6.5 mg / ml, found the uniqueness of Chemical where there are 4 types of chemical bonding N-H (bonding), C = C, C-C and C-H which are associated with health problems at human. On the leaves Pangi found triple bonding with C �?� C. Hope fore with herbal found capable inhibits Retrovirus (HIV) up to 94.80%, indicates the progress of a tropical disease Infection in the future. This research While the test takes place after In Vivo and the Clinic trial on HIV/AIDS patients as well as Retroviruses such as Hepatitis. Currently in the world for herbs with inhibition The highest retroviruses are from the ingredients Pangi leaves with day inhibition of 94.80% is the thing that encourages the expectation new treatment of HIV / AIDS disease in the future. The FTIR Test has peak 3510,6, intensity 16,38 Base (H) 374,85, Base (L) 3497,09, area 141,06, corana 13.26.

Biography :

DR. Arend L. Mapanawang, Sp.PD, Finasim is the director of Health Medical College in Halmahera, North of Maluku, Indonesia as well as the Editor-in-Chief of International Journal of Health Medicine and Current Research (, Chairman International Arend Index (IAI), and International Conference on Health Medicine (ICCHM) dr. Arend (usual nick name) is an expert in herbal medicine including for the curing of malaria, HIV virus, and hepatitis, as well as a practical doctor for healing many other internal body parts of human being deceases with more than 20 years experiences. He had written various books including history and the cause of world wars books. His publications in various international journals have made him as a prominent invited speaker in the world such as in South Korea, United Kingdom, and USA. Curently, Dr. Arend is the best scientist in the whole North Maluku province of Eastern Indonesia. On 27th February 2018, Dr. Elim and Dr Arend gave a quest lecture in the best and oldest university of Indonesia in Jakarta: a new history in Indonesia that scientists from a small university provided their best knowledge to a huge prominent university scientists and students.