Nanophotonics of optical fibres
Journal of Physical Chemistry & Biophysics

Journal of Physical Chemistry & Biophysics
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Nanophotonics of optical fibres

3rd International Conference and Exhibition on Lasers, Optics & Photonics

September 01-03, 2015 Valencia, Spain

Misha Sumetsky

Aston University, UK

Posters-Accepted Abstracts: J Phys Chem Biophys

Abstract :

Nanoscale effects in photonic structures fabricated from pure optical fibres are reviewed. In contrast to those in plasmonics, these structures do not contain metal particles, wires, or films with nanoscale dimensions. Nevertheless, a nanoscale perturbation of the fibre radius can significantly alter their performance. I consider slow propagation of whispering gallery modes along the fibre surface. The axial propagation of these modes is so slow that they can be governed by extremely small nanoscale changes of the optical fibre radius. The described phenomenon is exploited in SNAP (Surface Nanoscale Axial Photonics), a new platform for fabrication of miniature super-low-loss photonic integrated circuits with unprecedented subangstrom precision. The SNAP theory and applications are reviewed.

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